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SUPER OMNIA is FLUID's dual origin daily drinker crafted to satisfy the palate of every coffee lover. Previoulsly known as FLUID Blend, this coffee offers a full-bodied profile while maintaining the ability to take a milk and sugar. Super Omnia is our go to dual origin for in-house drip and still cold brew. 


Blending coffees can be a difficult process especially when you are working with new crops every growing season. For Super Omnia, we sought out to create a coffee that embodied a true specialty experience while still offering a foundation for concocted coffee drinks.


Tasting Profile:

Toasted Almond + Milk Chocolate + Golden Raisin



Brazil + Honduras



Cerrado + Comayagua



Local Cooperative Farms



1300MASL + 1445MASL



Mundo Novo + Lampira + Catuai



Natural + Washed


Region Roasted

Our coffee is fully ethically sourced and roasted in Michigan City, Indiana by Fluid Coffee Roasting Lab. Each coffee is sourced directly, utilizing practices focused on sustainability and local economy.


Price Options
Monthly Coffee
Never Run Out!
$17.00every month until canceled
Every Two Weeks
Great For Families + Offices
$16.15every 2 weeks until canceled
One-time purchase
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