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Lucidus is a botanical elixir (tisane) concocted with a spicy citrus profile in mind. Containing zero caffeine, Lucidus has a spicy base of ginger and turmeric root. Lemongrass and licorice root offer their sweet, slightly medicinal undertones, while orange and lemon peel finish the elixir with their zesty brightness.

Lucidus is certified organic and each ingredient is selected with growing practice and quality in mind.

Lucidus is well-suited to drink building with its ability to steep heavier concentrates and blend with milk-alternatives. For instance, a non-traditional Golden Milk can be created using Lucidus, almond milk, honey, and black pepper giving a drink that is delicious hot or over ice.



Use 10-12 ounces of filtered or spring water

212°F (100°C ) | 3 grams Lucidus | 5 minutes

Recommended Re-Steeping: 2 to 3 times


Net Weight: 50 grams

LUCIDUS - Specialty Botanical Tisane

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