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Named in honor of the Buddhist Bodhisattva, Guanyin, Tieguanyin is a medium-oxidized oolong from Anxi county within China's Fujian province. Oolongs and wulongs are notorious for their processing complexity and often times tightly rolled leaves. Tieguanyin shares this complexity with floral, sweet, and creamy notes.


COCONUT TIEGUANYIN is a summery infusion of Tieguanyin and pure unsulfered coconut flakes. Look for notes of floral sweetness, coconut cream, and roasted chestnute.


This blend uses certified organic coconut flakes and Tieguanyin Oolong



Use 8-10 ounces of filtered or spring water

190°F (88°C ) | 4 grams Iron Palm | 3 minutes

Recommended Re-Steeping: 2 to 3 times


Net Weight: 50 Grams Of Loose Tea

Coconut Tieguanyin - Specialty Oolong Tea

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