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Nestled in southwest Tanzania, the Songwe Region boasts optimal conditions for high-quality coffee cultivation. With its temperate climate and mountainous terrain, smallholder farms produce coffees that offer bursting citrus and stone fruit notes. Cooperative efforts promote sustainability and market access, propelling Songwe to the forefront of the specialty coffee scene.


Tasting Profile:

Peach + Mango Juice + Papaya + Sweet Cherry






Mbozi, Songwe



Cooperative Farm



2150 MASL



Kent + Bourbon



Fully Washed


Region Roasted

Our coffee is fully ethically sourced and roasted in Michigan City, Indiana by Fluid Coffee Roasting Lab. Each coffee is sourced directly, utilizing practices focused on sustainability and local economy.

Tanzania - Mbozi Songwe

Price Options
Monthly Coffee
For Your Daily Drinker
$19.00every month until canceled
Every Two Weeks
Great For Families + Offices
$18.05every 2 weeks until canceled
One-time purchase
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