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Bright, complex. and sweet - ILLUMINATE offers a beautiful base of flavor for espresso or other brewing types. Combining two coffee origins can already be a difficult process, and there is always a risk of muddy-ing the quality of the individual offerings. With ILLUMINATE, a combination of THREE distinct coffees, each origin lends a piece of itself to the overall profile and experience. With bright lemon and raspberry notes cutting through a velvety foundation, ILLUMINATE's distinct complexity is unmistakeable!   


Tasting Profile:

Dark Chocolate + Lemon + Raspberry + Pecan



Brazil + Ethiopia + Honduras



Cerrado + Sidama + Comayagua



Smallholder + Cooperative Farms



1200MASL + 2200MASL + 1450MASL



Mundo Novo + Heirloom + Lempira + Catuai



Natural + Washed


Region Roasted

Our coffee is fully ethically sourced and roasted in Michigan City, Indiana by Fluid Coffee Roasting Lab. Each coffee is sourced directly, utilizing practices focused on sustainability and local economy.


Price Options
Monthly Coffee
For Your Daily Coffee
$17.00every month until canceled
Every 2 Weeks
Great For Families + Offices
$16.15every 2 weeks until canceled
One-time purchase
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