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In the highlands of Guatemala's Huehuetenango, coffee flourishes thanks to unique climate patterns. This region cultivates plants as high as 2,000 meters, offering a fruity profile distinct from other Guatemalan coffees. The La Morena program, started in 2016, now provides sought-after micro-lots, combating gender inequality in coffee farming.


Tasting Profile:

Dark Chocolate + Plum + Candied Orange






La Morena, Huehuetenango



La Morena Cooperative



1600 MASL



Bourbon + Caturra



Fully Washed


Region Roasted

Our coffee is fully ethically sourced and roasted in Michigan City, Indiana by Fluid Coffee Roasting Lab. Each coffee is sourced directly, utilizing practices focused on sustainability and local economy.

Guatemala - La Morena Huehuetenango

Price Options
Monthly Coffee
For Your Daily Drinker
$18.00every month until canceled
Every Two Weeks
Great For Families + Offices
$17.10every 2 weeks until canceled
One-time purchase
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